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SEC Filings
APOLLO COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FINANCE, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/02/2017
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no more than 20% of the Company’s cash equity (on a consolidated basis) will be invested in any single investment at the time of the investment;
until appropriate investments can be identified, the Manager may invest the proceeds of any offering in interest bearing, short-term investments, including money market accounts and/or funds, that are consistent with the Company’s intention to qualify as a REIT.
The board of directors must approve any change in these investment guidelines.

Contractual Obligations and Commitments
The Company’s contractual obligations including expected interest payments as of March 31, 2017 are summarized as follows:
Less than 1
1 to 3
3 to 5
More than
5 years
JPMorgan Facility *





DB Repurchase Facility





Goldman Loan *





UBS Facility **





DB Facility





Convertible Senior Notes





Unfunded loan commitments***








Assumes current LIBOR of 0.98% for interest payments due under the JPMorgan Facility and the Goldman Loan.
**    Assumes extension options are exercised.
***    Based on the Company's expected funding schedule, which is based upon the Manager’s estimates based upon the best information available to the Manager at the time. There is no assurance that the payments will occur in accordance with these estimates or at all, which could affect the Company’s operating results.
Bremer Kreditbank AG. In September 2013, the Company, together with other affiliates of Apollo, reached an agreement to make an investment in an entity that agreed to acquire a minority participation in BKB. The Company committed to invest up to approximately €38,000 (or $50,000), representing approximately 21% of the ownership in BKB. In September 2014, the Company, through a wholly owned subsidiary, acquired a 59% ownership interest in Champ LP following which a wholly-owned subsidiary of Champ LP then acquired a 35% ownership interest in BKB.
In February 2015, the Company sold approximately 48% of its ownership interest in Champ LP at cost to an account managed by Apollo for approximately €16,314 (or $20,794). In June 2016, the Company transferred €427 of its unfunded commitment to Apollo, reducing its unfunded commitment to Champ LP to €2,802 (or $2,985). Through its interest in Champ LP, the Company now holds an indirect ownership interest of approximately 9.34% in BKB.
Loan Commitments. At March 31, 2017, the Company had $124,455 of unfunded commitments related to its commercial mortgage loan portfolio and subordinate loan portfolio.
Management Agreement. On September 23, 2009, the Company entered into the Management Agreement with the Manager pursuant to which the Manager is entitled to receive a management fee and the reimbursement of certain expenses. The table above does not include amounts due under the Management Agreement as those obligations do not have fixed and determinable payments. Pursuant to the Management Agreement, the Manager is entitled to a base management fee calculated and payable quarterly in arrears in an amount equal to 1.5% of the Company’s stockholders’ equity (as defined in the Management Agreement), per annum. The Manager will use the proceeds from its management fee in part to pay compensation to its officers and personnel. The Company does not reimburse its Manager or its affiliates for the salaries and other compensation of their personnel, except for the allocable share of the compensation of (1) the Company’s Chief Financial Officer based on the percentage of time spent on the Company’s affairs and (2) other corporate finance, tax, accounting, internal audit, legal, risk management, operations, compliance and other non-investment professional personnel of the Manager or its affiliates who spend all or a portion of their time managing the Company’s affairs based on the percentage of time devoted by such personnel to the Company’s affairs. The Company is also required to reimburse its Manager for operating expenses related to the Company incurred by its Manager, including expenses relating to legal, accounting, due diligence and